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Our Architecture is 2.0: Functional, Sustainable, Technological and Creative.

We are Architects and Building Engineers. Also quantity surveyors.

We offer integral building construction services.





CreaArquitectura Architect Barcelona. We study our clients life style to offer a functional design to its life style.

In order to transmit confort, sustainability and consequently renewable energy we check every material.

Finally, the most modern communication systems and technologies are implemented as a result a customized design is obtained.

Building Engineer

The Building Engineer of CreaArquitectura is a a  versatile professional as he can practice multiple functions.

The Building Engineer can also be a Quantity Surveyor as according to the Building rules is more or less the same.

Consequently, Building Engineers can take part in the drawing of projects and carry out work directions.


Our main goal is that the results of our refurbishments reflects who we are.  

Our refurbishments offer a higher quality of life to our clients. 

In addition, your CreaArquitectura Architect  Barcelona advises his clients about what they need in order to create a unique home.

Design art & arch

The rigorousness of our Architects and technicians will have as a result a space that reflects the personality of our client.

The client will be surprised by our 2.0 Architecture which has a unique design.

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Our latest works

    Architect Spain

    Investment services

    We provide a full service to the investor all along the construction process


    Architect Barcelona

    In order to satisfy our clients all our projects are creative, functional, sustainable and technologic. We join the knowledge of different professionals such as Architects, Designers and Engineers between others. 

    CreaArquitectura Architect Barcelona believes that innovation and coordination when building are the main key. For the last years we have been working under the methodology BIM. 

    Our Studio is multidisciplinar as people from different fields of expertise are part of out team. Sergi Pujadó is the head Architect. 

    Architect spain

    CreaArquitectura Architect Spain drives through all the projects and building works in detail. We always choose the materials that will better work with the construction. As a result the architecture obtained will be high quality and long-lasting. 

    We offer an All-In-One exclusive service. With that service we coordinate everything that has to be with construction works. it is ideal for investors.

    Certainly clients look for perfection so at CreaArquitectura Architect Spain we always keep it on mind. We apply functionality, sustainability, technology and creativity in order to offer high quality results to our clients. 

    Estudio de Arquitectura


    Our pillars


    We study your lifestyle in order to adapt the distributions according to your needs. We create spaces that are extremely comfortable. Do you want a home that adapts to your habits?


    Efficient distributions and designs. To do it we study the sun movements and we set the windows in the best areas to take advantage of it, as an example.


    We want our clients to feel a total control of their home. The technologies we apply allow them to do it from anywhere in the globe.


    We are sure that creativity means uniqueness. CreaArquitectura Architect Barcelona designs an Architecture that will keep everybody starring on it. We always study our clients preferences and the surroundings of the construction. Finally we began the design.

    Where are we?

    barcelona Architecture in spain

    60th of Santaló Street, p.c. 08021, Barcelona  |  + 34 93 164 56 05  |  |

    The 4 steps of CreaArquitectura Office

    Your architect in Barcelona

    1.- Information

    First of all our clients are informed of CreaArquitectura Barcelona Architect in Spain services. Then, our clients tell us their needs and finally we present them different proposals. 

    2.- Order

    Our client chooses one of the projects we have presented and in case is need it we modify it so it becomes perfect and unique. 

    3.- Project Draft and Project

    Once our client is highly satisfy with the proposal our Architecture and Engineering team will design a project draft. 

    Before construction begins a final projects with all the details and materials qualities will be presented. 

    4.- "Let's get down to work!"

    Together with the client CreaArquitectura Barcelona Architect in Spain will take care of asking and working in order to obtain all the necessary legal papers to build. We will be in charge of the building direction as Architects and Building Engineers. We can also take care of the different budgets need it just like a personal advisor.

    Our clients ca choose the All-In-One service and a specialized team will take care of everything that has to be with the construction process of new buildings or Real Estate development. 

    We work accurately


    Completed works
    Square meters completed
    Client satisfaction

    Architecture Office in Spain

    Advantages of CreaArquitectura Architecture in spain


    CreaArquitectura Architect Barcelona enthusiasm and compromise with its clients and projects are lead to a high level of satisfaction. 


    We have a commitment to society and the environment. We do our bit in performing works to help those less lucky.


    We work step by step to ensure the success. We are sure that our clients will be highly satisfy with our works. 


    We assess our clients along the work and after. Our clients have an Architect in charge of their work and the Architect is always available. All the technicians of CreaArquitectura Barcelona Architect in Spain have an insurance.

    All-in-One Management

    Look for a builder, an interior designer, make the payments management, perform the administrative, legal and / or notarial procedures takes  a long time.  Without a doubt, we have the solution with our All-in-One service.

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